FeedFastFeast: What’s it all about?

FeedFastFeast is an online resource for information about intermittent fasting. The content is submitted by users of the site and the Facebook group. The Facebook group is a great place for people to get together and share their fasting experiences together. There’s a really good bunch of people in there so please come and join us and share your experiences as well. We are also on twitter: @feedfastfeast
I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your experiences too….

One response to “FeedFastFeast: What’s it all about?

  1. hej mark,
    seems you confronted same confusing info on diet/fasting as I did…
    My take on the presently avaiable info is that what one can do to reap all the benefits is fasting on water only couple of days every months and continue with calorie restriction (600kcal) every other day.
    You can further optimize yr diet according what yr health condition is. Meaning low carbs if you have diabetes 2 and no other restrictions needed as understood what dr. Varady has found…

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